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Giant Cupcakes

Our Giant Cupcakes are one of our most popular cakes and a big hit with children and adults alike! 

They can be completely customized to your specifications including colour, decoration and flavour. 
The base is real scrummy chocolate which gives the cake a perfect and clean finish.
They are perfect for any occasion including Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings and more.

They are beautiful on their own or as a stunning top cake to our cupcake towers!
The most popular and I think by far the best, is the 'Rose Swirl' Giant Cupcake as this adds another element and detail to an already showstopper! 
We now offer the XXL Giant Cupcake which is 3 times as large as the Giant Cupcake.
Please see below gallery for examples of our Giant Cupcakes however if you have something specific in mind please get in touch and we can create the perfect Giant Cupcake for you and your celebration.
Wedding Cupcake Tower

Spiderman Gian Cupcake Tower

Summer Colours Giant Cupcake with nail polish & makeup

Pink & Lilac with matching boxed cupcakes


Pandora, nailpolish & makeup theme giant cupcake


'Radley' Themed Giant Cupcake, with Radley inpired Flowers

Pandora Themed Giant Cupcake with mini cupcakes


XXL Giant Cupcake with Boot & Handbag


XXL Giant Princess Cupcake with matching cupcakes on board

Vintage Flowers Giant Cupcake

Giant Cupcake with matching cupcakes in silver & purple


Pink & Lilac Giant Cupcake Tower
Pink 30th Giant Cupcake
Giant Cupcake with Chocolate Fudge Flavour